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HomeStephen B. Ruben is the managing partner at Ruben Law Firm San Francisco. For over thirty years, Stephen has served clients in need of litigation, mediation and collaborative legal services.  The law firm is known for its legal professionals who are able to quickly and effectively resolve stalled cases.

Located in San Francisco’s bustling downtown, the law firm’s attorneys serve individuals and families throughout the Bay Area. Clients living in Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin,Napa,  San Francisco, San Mateo counties have benefited from the services provided by Stephen B. Ruben and his legal team.

Ruben Law Firm San Francisco: Certified Family Law Specialists

Legal professionals who practice as Certified Family Law Specialists have significant amounts of expertise in the various areas of family law. They must also pass a written examination and complete regular ongoing education requirements. These specialists serve clients in need of litigation or negotiation support related to:

  • Child custody and visitation
  • Division of property
  • Divorce
  • Domestic partnership agreements and dissolutions
  • Spousal and child support
  • Tax and comprehensive estate planning

Child Custodyand Visitation Rights
A notable strength of Ruben Law Firm San Francisco is its experience in handling and resolving the complex matters surrounding child custody. Stephen B. Ruben has handled custody disputes involving both interstate and international law. Child custody and visitation rights are often contested during divorce proceedings. The firm’s legal team has an excellent track record when it comes to aiding clients in these emotional matters.

Division of Property

Stephen B. Ruben is known for his ability to resolve property issues involving a significant amount of valuable assets. His innovative solutions focused on property characterization and distribution matters allow clients to experience successful problem resolution. Specific areas of focus include:

  • Bank accounts
  • Business interests
  • Community property
  • Investment stocks
  • Pension benefits
  • Residential real estate
  • Vehicles


California law considers marriage a legal partnership. When a couple chooses to dissolve this relationship, a marital settlement agreement is required. This agreement is a tangible document that outlines the termination of the marriage and any marital property interests or shared financial affairs.

Stephen B. Ruben aids divorcing marital partners by formulating an agreement in accordance with the personal goals of each party. His legal knowledge and expertise ensures the language found in the agreement is an accurate reflection of the divorcing parties’ decisions. He crafts marital agreements in such a way that the terms found within are consistently upheld in a court of law.

Domestic Partnerships
When a relationship is not protected under the terms set forth by the legal definition of marriage, it is important for the involved parties to reach a domestic partnership agreement. Stephen B. Ruben has helped a number of couples draft cohabitation agreements that legally protect the best interests of the couple and their families. He also supports couples who seek the dissolution of domestic partnership agreements.

Spousal and Child Support

The legal professionals at Ruben Law Firm San Francisco are highly skilled in addressing the support rights of the non-working spouse and the obligations of the household’s high wage earner. The firm is also well versed in handling child support agreements in the best interest of dependent minors. Stephen B. Ruben and his legal staff have successfully defended against post decree efforts aimed to modify or terminate financial support obligations.

Ruben Law Firm San Francisco Provides Mediation Services

Oftentimes, couples who experience irreconcilable differences require an outside party to help them reconcile disagreements. As a Certified Family Law Mediator, Stephen B. Ruben provides assistance in such cases.  Through the use of highly effective negotiation skills and techniques, Stephen facilitates successful outcomes in both private and court-ordered settlement conferences.

Stephen received his mediation training at the Strauss School of Alternative Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine University’s School of Law. He also provides mediation services for the San Francisco Superior Court.  Stephen is a member of the Bar Association of San Francisco’s Family Law Mediator’s Panel.

Ruben Law Firm San Francisco: About Stephen B. Ruben

Stephen B. Ruben is a member of the State Bar of Illinois, State Bar of California and United States Supreme Court. He is also a member of the Bar Association of San Francisco. Stephen earned his law degree from the Chicago Kent College of Law at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

For well over a decade, Stephen has served as Judge Pro-Tempore for the San Francisco Superior Court’s Family Law Division. He oversees the family law and motion calendar as well as the domestic violence calendar. Stephen acts in accordance as a Senior Settlement Master, and all work is provided pro bono.

In 2009, Stephen took on a second Judge Pro-Tempore assignment for the Marin County Superior Court. Serving in the Family Law Division, he oversees family law settlements via bench bar settlement conferences.

In addition to his wealth of knowledge and experience serving as a family law attorney, Stephen is a liaison to the California State Bar Family Law Section. For a two-year period spanning 2007 to 2009, he served as a member of the Family Law Section’s Executive Committee (FLEXCOM).  Stephen is designated a Certified Family Law Specialist through the California Board of Legal Specialization.

At Ruben Law Firm San Francisco, clients can expect to receive service from a team of courteous, experienced and fully capable legal professionals.  Staff members ensure open lines of communication and are available at all times. The legal team is dedicated to providing clients with easily understood information, even in the most complex of situations. Stephen B. Ruben is committed to consistently providing a service experience that exceeds clients’ expectations.

Stephen B. Ruben of Ruben Law Firm San Francisco is the past President of the Lawyers Club of San Francisco.- Stephen B. Ruben of Ruben Law Firm San Francisco has also served as a member of the Lawyers Club’s Board of Governors. He has also chaired the group’s Conference of Delegates. Ruben Law Firm San Francisco is dedicated to providing exceptional legal counsel to clients in need of litigation or mediation support in a number of areas of family law.

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